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All students and parents are required to completely watch this 30 minutes PSAT orientation video below. It will answer a lot of your questions through out the course and will help you to take maximum benefit out of this course.

This video covers following topics:

  • Importance of PSAT course

  • National Merit Scholarships (NMSQT)

  • PSAT Test & Scores

  • Course Curriculum

  • Course Content

  • How to submit homework and complete full length Tests on SkySlate Portal.

If you have any questions after watching the video, ask them in the WhatsApp group



Register for PSAT classes at

How do I sign up?


After you register for the PSAT class, you will receive a link  to join the WhatsApp group or click the link

How do I join the WhatsApp group for Help/ Support?


Go to and buy all three available books. Without the books, you will not be able to complete the homework and will not be able to join the class. SkySlate is sponsoring you with $240 for this course, making it absolutely FREE for you. Your responsibility is to buy all 3 books. If we find a sponsor for the books, we will make the books also FREE for you, until then you are required to buy.

Which books do I need to buy?


Buy all three books listed and then respond "Books Purchased-Student Name" in the WhatsApp chat. Go to and register for access. Use the code provided in the WhatsApp group

I signed up, what do I do next?


The online meeting details are provided every week in the WHatsApp group. Use the meeting link posted in WhatsApp group.

How do I join the class?


You are required to submit reviews by going to and clicking on the “Submit Review” button. Provide star rating and then click Google  or Facebook icon to provide at least 2 sentences feedback about class, teacher and content. If you cant login to Google or Facebook, click "Manual Review" and submit.  

How do I submit reviews?


The homework and curriculum are available on the portal and the homework is always due by midnight before the next class. Home work is also posted in WhatsApp group every week

What is the homework/curriculum? When is it due?


The link to the SkySlate portal is . To get access to it, you must buy all of the books and you must register for the classes. After buying all three books, you must respond "Books Purchased" so that an admin can provide the Registration Code in the WhatsApp group

What is the SkySlate portal? How do I get access to it?


Go to the SkySlate Portal and submit all of the answers to the homework that has been assigned. Remember, all of the homework is due before the next class. You are also required to take full length (3Hr) timed test as assigned in the WhatsApp group. Once you finish the homework, you must respond "HW Done-Name" in the WhatsApp group chat. If you don't have access to the portal and you already bought the books, please contact Time2Care through the WhatsApp group and we will fix the issue immediately. 

Where do I submit the homework?


Yes, you can join in the middle of the course. However, you must catch up on all of the homework assignments to continue with the course after ordering all three books.

Can I join in the middle of the course?


The tutors are all qualified, top-ranking, experienced tutors that are directly from SkySlate in order to give the best and highest quality tutoring possible.

Who are the tutors?


The classes are free because Time2Care's goal as a nonprofit is to promote educational excellence for no price to give every child an equal opportunity for education. In addition, all classes are generously sponsored by our sponsors. Our current sponsor is Each class is worth $240 and you are sponsored by SkySlate. 

Why are the classes free?


You as a student or a parent can volunteer as a SmartTutor or as a general volunteer through Time2Care and also potentially receive the President's Volunteer Service Award for your generosity and hard work. Visit for more information on volunteering as a SmartTutor or general volunteer.

How can I volunteer?

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