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Our company would not be here today without our volunteers. There are plenty of positions available for a wide variety of interests for both Students and Parents. Parents can volunteer to coach their students to become leaders with our guidance. All student leaders will be provided with a leadership certificate. All approved volunteer hours will be counted toward the president's volunteer service award. Below is a list of volunteer positions with accompanying descriptions. If any of these positions align with your interests, please apply!

  • Whats App Group Management - You will be in charge of monitoring the status of the free tutoring group chats. Your responsibilities will include reaching out to our SmartTutors to provide students with aid and to moderate the group chat.

  • Administrative Team - You will help Time2Care keep running.

  • Volunteer Management Team - You will help manage our general volunteers. 

  • Publicity Team - You will help with our social media effort as well as general PR management.

  • Communications Team - You will help manage emails sent to Time2Care.

  • Education Course/Content Design Team - You will be in charge of creating content for Time2Care's website as well as creating new courses that Time2Care can offer for its students.

  • Special Events Team - You will help put on events sponsored by Time2Care such as math competitions.

  • Fundraising Team - You will be in charge of reaching out to sponsors and other interested donors to raise money for Time2Care.



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