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Time2Care's Helping Hands Donation Drive

Organized by Saisiddhi Chutkay and Sai Pratham Chutkay

We have been following the current COVID crisis in India and it is heart breaking to see the number of deaths and families affected due to this current wave of COVID infection. India is reporting the world’s highest number of new COVID-19 cases each day. India has recorded over 21 million reported cases and over 23000 deaths as of May 1st week, 2021. Experts predict a third wave is inevitable, given the high levels at which the virus is circulating. Hospitals are scrambling for beds and oxygen as they desperately battle the deadly surge in infections, while morgues and crematoriums struggle to deal with a seemingly unstoppable flow of bodies. Many people have died in ambulances and car parks waiting for a bed or oxygen.

Our mother did her medical schooling from Gandhi Medical College and Hospital which is a tertiary level government hospital in the heart of Telangana state, India. This hospital serves close to 15 million population & is now exclusively serving COVID patients. Most of the patients are from underserved areas and are low-income population & don’t have the income source to get private care. With the rising COVID cases, the healthcare staff have been putting their lives at risk while many others are sick from COVID already. All ventilator beds are filled to the capacity & many more needed as COVID situation is spiking in this location. More than 20 people per day are dying just due to insufficient resources like lack of CPAP / BIPAP and high flow oxygen and many more due to complications of COVID.

Our organization is working closely in association with other non-profit organizations in USA & India. 



  • Support Gandhi Hospital, Chest Hospital and other surrounding Government Hospitals to fight COVID.

  • Provide critical care/medical equipment to Gandhi hospital and other surrounding Government Hospitals that are overburdened with COVID patients. 

Critical Care Medical Equipment We Provide:

  • Oxygen concentrators

  • HFNCs/ nasal cannulas  

  • CPAP/BiPAP machines

  • Pulse oximeters

  • Sanitizers

  • N95 masks

  • Surgical masks

  • Reusable hard face shields

  • Gloves

  • Protective goggles


                                                                                                                                                                Your donations save lives

Donations Update:

With your kind donations we were able to donate 40 NIV Masks to Govt. General & Chest Hospital, Hyderabad. We collaborated with 93 Gandhian's Alumni Association to donate 5 BIPAP machines and 15 NIV Face masks to Govt. General & Chest Hospital, Hyderabad.


  • Our Goal is to raise $5000 for this cause.

  • All your donations will go towards this "One Mission".

  • Donate now to save lives in this critical time to make a difference. Please note that your donations are typically 100% tax deductible in the US.

  • All of your donations will reach these organizations directly through Time2Care Helping Hands. We ensure that every penny you donate is properly used by these organizations for this cause. You will receive a tax deductible letter for all your donations.

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