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Our SmartTutors are excellent, qualified students who are ready to help other students excel in school. We are always looking for new SmartTutors. Make sure that you are a student in 7th grade or above before applying. You can only tutor subjects for which you have received an A in. 

Once you have filled out and submitted the application, we will contact you with our decision. If you are accepted, you will be required to attend our 1-hour online training program where you will learn how to handle and teach students while also learning the general conduct expected of a SmartTutor.

After the session, you will need to officially become certified by participating and presenting your tutoring abilities in a certification session in front of other SmartTutors. You will be rated on your ability to tutor, and if you pass, you may start tutoring students. You will receive a certificate verifying that you are a qualified SmartTutor and will be placed into your respective training sessions.

Once certified, you will be added to a SmartTutor group chat where you and a group of SmartTutors will be assigned classes and material to teach. Once you have run your class, you will need to fill out a form recording your volunteer hours in order to be eligible for The President's Volunteer Service Award

Time2Care's goal is to break the cycle of poverty and promote educational excellence and we cannot do either without your help. Sign up to be a SmartTutor now by filling out the form below! We need your help to make this world a better place for everyone!



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