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  • Learning English grammar from early age gives ability to communicate clearly with writing skills

  • if a person has a strong grammar skill, then he or she can articulate the words properly and can speak English language flawlessly. Consequently, the person will be considered more mature and professional.

  • Time2Care aims to help kids learn and excel at English Grammar through structured curriculum that is designed to teach English grammar

  • This course worth $100 per month is included as part of your donation

  • After this course is completed, you should be able to analyze and improve your language performance.


  • We will first touch on Reading Comprehension.

  • Then we will move on to Sentence Formation.

  • Parts of Speech will then be touched on and how to use them with examples, such as: Noun, Pronoun, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections

  • Tenses such as simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous will also be taught and explored.

  • More advanced grammar topics, such as active and passive voice, gerunds, and direct and reported speech will also be touched on.


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Benefits of Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar improves your listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills. With good grammar knowledge, students can become analytical and receptive readers. A person can express his or her thoughts and ideas clearly to others with help of proper English grammar. Good English grammar skill opens doors for an individual and it may allow a person to build a professional connection with people in the community as well as in other countries.

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