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  • Playing Chess from an early age exhibits extraordinary memory skills, improved concentration, academic performance, problem-solving, creative thinking and abstract reasoning in children.

  • Time2Care aims to help kids learn and excel at chess through a structured Chess Genius curriculum that is designed to teach Chess

  • This course worth $100 per month is included as part of your donation

  • By playing chess, kids learn to think deeply about the decisions they make, and how those choices might affect them or others. 

  • Chess is always played against an opponent, learning to anticipate the moves of others can help kids build empathy to learn what they might do in another person's place. Chess is a game which, you can be proficient only by practice.

  • After this course is completed you should be able to play lot of Chess games, solve Chess Puzzles, Basic end games, and Play Chess with the AI.


  • This course covers a step by step procedure to learn the basics of Chess, and become a chess player.

  • This course also incorporates easy tactical training for kids to use anytime while playing chess and win through having fun.

  • Course provides Introduction to Chess, Chess Moves, Chess Tactics, Game Basics, Game Analysis and playing chess games with AI - Artificial Intelligence.

  • Course curriculum has total of 27 Units, with each unit covering topics such as Moving the pieces, Special Moves/ Checks, Checkmate Basics, Stalemate Basics, Basic Tactics (Pins, Skewers, Double Attacks), End Game Basics, Game Analysis and Playing Games with AI. Offers biweekly Homework Review and tests on the units completed.

  • Check “Course Curriculum” to understand what is covered in each unit.




Chess Pieces

Benefits of Chess

Chess helps develop perspective, improves memory, increases intelligence, deepens focus, elevates creativity, boosts planning skills, increases self-awareness, protects against dementia. It improves brain to challenge to exercise logic, develop pattern-recognition, make decisions both visually and analytically, and test your memory. 


Chess can be enjoyed at any age as a result, these brain exercises can be part of the health of your brain for your entire life!

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